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How we, writers, can try to use YouTube content aesthetics to improve Medium stories

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Both YouTubers and us(Medium writers) are artists! The only difference is the canvas we paint on. Ours is a side of a un-polished rock and YouTubers have a linen canvas to paint on.

I am a very avid consumer of YouTube videos, I could watch up to 5 hours a day. The videos could range from mini-documentaries to tutorials to programming videos to criticism videos. I pretty much watch all kinds of YouTube videos. …

Hint: You Probably Shouldn’t Write It

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There are times when I know I have to write. It has been a month, I haven’t published a single story, stats are dropping rapidly, I have to do something, I have to write something, a story, but I can’t think of any. I research and strive until I get one. I write!

Writing should be an expression of oneself, as an expression of oneself it should not be forced. At least that is what I have come to believe so far. The case can be very different for you and maybe others.

Like most works of art, good writing…

Hint, don’t repeat yourself! — Angular Version

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After the success and the great reception my previous article had, I decided, I should try to cover the same topic in other front-end frameworks as well. This article will cover Angular.

We are not going to use basic Angular services, instead, we will use ngrx/data DataServices.

What is an NgRx DataService?

I have written a separate article that explains the NgRx Angular package for state management;

But TLDR; NgRx is a state management package for Angular.

State management refers to the management of the state of one or more user interface controls such as text fields, OK buttons, radio buttons, etc. in a graphical…

A brief overview

Photo by Binyamin Mellish from Pexels

In angular design there is no out-of-the-box quick go-to solution for data persistence through routing actions, furthermore persisting data to back-end server through API.

For persistent data across components, modules we can use @ngrx/store. To better descriptively explain why @ngrx/data, first let’s take an example of a CRUD TO DO list application.

The project uses Mock REST API which you can download, then run the mock server, no advanced configuration required.

The process of creating and setting up the project to create the component is not in the context of this article. …

The number of views, claps, and reads someone has earned in an article can be very misleading

I joined Medium as recently as January this year. At first, I was very eccentric about writing, especially programming articles. When I faced errors and then googled them, I would find the best answers in Medium articles. At some point this started to inspire me, to write articles for other people who may need the solutions for problems similar to the ones I faced.

In January, I created a medium account and started writing few articles, as a smart person would do. But I also did one huge mistake, I started reading what I would call “Medium motivation articles”.

How I made $2200+ in 3 months


Lessons from a pro procrastinator


The equation is that simple. In any field, that equation holds, whether you agree or not, or whether accept or you don’t.

Other facts you can’t dare to deny

  • It’s not about how many hours you work
  • It’s not about how smart you are
  • It’s not about what you are trying to do
  • It’s not about who you are

It’s about how productive you are! That simple.

“If you don’t pay appropriate attention to what has your attention, it will take more of your attention than it deserves.” — David Allen

You don’t plan or you fake actions

Or you take a lot of planning instead of doing, something…

A bad plan but a perfect strategy, focusing on the long-term outcome

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Growing up, I always believed in achieving 100%, never leaving a stone unturned. Living under my parent's roof, and having not to sweat for whatever I wanted, just a few tantrums and/or tears or meticulous pleading was all that was required. That was the difference between having what I want and not having it altogether. Not that the beliefs of a child should matter, but it planted a seed that grew with me, that grew roots and shoots that became a poison in my early 20s.

To some people, the idea of winning by losing is second nature, but to…

Hint, don’t repeat yourself!

Photo by Fernando Brasil on Unsplash

In this decade almost every application written is either consuming a REST API or is providing one. This highlights the importance of, to some extent understanding the REST API.

Briefly, REST stands for Representational State Transfer. It has a set of constraints that guide its development. This article will mainly focus on the URL format or naming convention, and how you can easily leverage the convention in compartmentalizing your React app.

REST Resource Naming Guide

Referring to REST Resource Naming Guide, the resources for CRUD operations are named as follows:

// Get all users
method: GET
// Create user

Understanding the repository pattern and how to implement it in Laravel.

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In simple words, the repository pattern abstracts the data access logic allowing the developer to deal with data persistence logic instead. This means, irrespective of data access infrastructure, we can have a set of defined functions that we can use to implement application logic, and separately deal with data access technology, providing better maintainability and testability.

The repository pattern has three main parts; the interface, the implementation, and the coupler. Let’s go through each one briefly.

The Interface

Defines the functions present in the repository. It can be thought of as…

I should quit at this point

It was May 14 when I first set out for this challenge. But I guess fate had something else in store for me, or it’s just my own weakness. I don’t think I can say it was difficult since you’d have to at least try to able to gauge difficulty.

4 days ago, I wrote a piece that clearly stated how I planned to embark on the challenge again. Outlined the weak points and the modified strategy, but to no surprise, none of that worked!

It is quite hard to point out exactly what led to failure, I’m one of…

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